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Namaste Yoga, Meet Palo Santo

Incorporating Palo Santo into your Yoga practice is a mindful way to elevate your experience. This sacred wood incense is revered for its ability to assist in meditative practices and rituals by releasing botanical chemicals called terpenes which open neuro-pathways and oxygenate brain cells, thus promoting feelings of positivity, relaxation, grounding and balance. The essence …

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palo santo is a natural insect repellent

Palo Santo: The Natural Insect Repellent

Making Insects Buzz Off for Generations   You may already know that Palo Santo wood has over a dozen different amazing benefits to our everyday lives. In fact, here is a list of 8 benefits from us! But one benefit that is often overlooked and definitely underrated – it’s a natural insect repellent! Mosquitos, flies, …

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8 Wonderful Benefits of Palo Santo

A Powerful Sacred Wood Palo Santo has quickly become one of the most talked about incense and holistic remedies of recent years. But as a product that has so many clear uses, people can forget how many utility benefits this sacred wood actually has. So we want to provide curious readers with 8 amazing benefits …

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