The Consciousness Elevator

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Rise Towards Your Inner Higher Being

I would venture to say we have all been in one at some point of our lives-that is, an elevator. Bit of a misnomer actually. The name “elevator” only applies when the unit is going up! On its way down, it’s descending. And something descending, is certainly not elevating. 

Elevating is the act of rising upward. When I think of upward, I think of things like heavenly bodies or anything which would require me to look up or raise up in order to see it. Consciousness is our immediate awareness-of ourselves, of our surroundings, and of our beliefs. Not independently of one another but as a collective, kind of defining, in a way, who and where we are and what our connection to everything feels like.

Examine the emotions dominating your life to see what kind of vibration you are in.

A low consciousness is likely associated with a low personal vibration. Low vibrations hover around emotions of fear, lack, despair, hopelessness, judgement, jealousy, contempt and the like. This low vibration is an indication that one has lost the connection to their creative and 

Divine self and also their connection to the collective unified field. People in this low consciousness tend to see themselves as victims of a life being dished out to them. They have clouded their ability to see themselves as the creators of their own magnificence and this is quite disempowering. People in this state are surviving, not thriving. 

Conversely, a high consciousness is associated with a higher personal vibration. High vibrations generate and increase around emotions of love, compassion, kindness, sharing, seeking knowledge, acceptance and forgiveness among so many others. The vibrations surrounding these emotions act as portals to open our consciousness to higher awareness and connectivity. 

People in this vibration are more connected to the birthright of their own Divinity. They tend to understand the ability of the collective to impact positive change. They understand potentials and possibilities that have not yet been prescribed to us. They know they are the creators of the magnificent lives they want to live. They know that holding the higher vibration helps all of humanity and our Great Mother, Pachamama. 

Examine the emotions dominating your life to see what kind of vibration you are in. If you find yourself in survival, realize that growth and survival (fear) cannot operate simultaneously, so if you want to grow, hence, elevate your consciousness, you must first get out of the emotions surrounding survival.

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