Namaste Yoga, Meet Palo Santo

Incorporating Palo Santo into your Yoga practice is a mindful way to elevate your experience. This sacred wood incense is revered for its ability to assist in meditative practices and rituals by releasing botanical chemicals called terpenes which open neuro-pathways and oxygenate brain cells, thus promoting feelings of positivity, relaxation, grounding and balance.


The essence of Palo Santo will soon become a welcome ally for your conscious practices. Its beautiful aroma reminds me of swirling notes of citrus, pine and anise. The Palo Santo incense is used to “smudge”— to cleanse and clear your sacred space of “mal energia” or bad energy. Palo can be used in place of sage for those who prefer the Palo aroma, but sage and Palo enhance each other when used together; the sage holding the feminine aspect while Palo Santo holds the masculine. Use one to begin your practice or ritual and the other to conclude it, using your own intuition to decide the order. Once you have become accustomed to the scent of Palo Santo, you will associate it with peace and relaxation, making it easier to enter into your meditative or prayerful state.

After your yoga session, be mindful of residuals ( be them physical, emotional and energetic) that can remain with your yoga mat if not cleared. Third Eye Wood Yoga Mat Cleaner, castile-based and infused with 100% essential oil of Palo Santo, is the “solution” for this! Lightly mist and wipe with a damp or dry cloth. INTENTION: “I cleanse and clear what remains here.”  Namaste. 

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