8 Wonderful Benefits of Palo Santo

A Powerful Sacred Wood


Palo Santo has quickly become one of the most talked about incense and holistic remedies of recent years. But as a product that has so many clear uses, people can forget how many utility benefits this sacred wood actually has. So we want to provide curious readers with 8 amazing benefits to using Palo Santo wood to try at home or on the go!

1. It Clears Out Negative Energy


Indigenous people of North and South America have been using Palo Santo for centuries, most commonly for clearing negative energy. This is a process that became known as “Smudging,” originating as a Native American feng shui practice to clear negative energies. This is the first use on our Palo Santo benefits list, primarily because we believe this is why Palo Santo wood is making a comeback in North America today – due to the current social climate. With anxiety and depression at staggering rates and tension running high, Palo Santo and other natural incense and cleansing practices can be an amazing release and escape from the daily struggles.

2. It’s an Amazing Insect Repellent


Palo santo is a natural insect repellent, effectively warding off mosquitos, flies, gnats, ants – you name it! It can be applied in a number of different ways: burning a stick, applying essential oil to your skin, or by creating a palo santo spritz. Learn more about how to use Palo Santo as an insect repellant right here. Try it next time you go for a hike!

3. It Helps Ease Muscle Pain, Inflammation, and More


Did you know Palo Santo can be made into an essential oil? When in oil form, it can be great to rub on your skin during a massage. For generations, indigenous cultures have used the palo santo oils to relieve muscle pain and inflammation, as well as reduce pain from injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, and soreness. But that’s not it – palo is also used as an immune enhancer, relieving stomach aches and head aches, and for treating stress and anxiety.

4. It Relieves Stress & Promotes Positivity


In this day and time, many of us are dealing with varying degrees of anxiety and depression. Palo Santo can help you feel more relaxed. The relaxing and calming scent of the wood has been assisted in combating anxiety and calming nerves for centuries. It’s not a long-term cure, but can help you deal with the anxieties of everyday life and improve your current mood.

5. It’s An Excellent All-Natural Cleaner


Thankfully, many of us are now striving to use more natural products to clean our homes. Palo Santo has antibacterial properties, and when you mix some water with a few drops of Palo Santo Essential Oil, you’ll have a safe to use, and all-natural household cleaner. At Third Eye, we have a specially made recipe for cleaning your yoga mats, so you can smell clean and feel grounded while you practice yoga or meditation.

6. It’s Great for Your Immune System


Feeling under the weather? Stomach feeling a little off? Try some Palo Santo tea. It can assist in boosting your immune system and help aid digestion. It is also great for getting over a cold or flu, relieving headaches, and calming your muscles. Check out our palo santo tea recipe that we use on the daily!

7. It Will Keep Your Skin Looking 100


If you’re looking to enhance your skincare routine, try adding a few drops of Palo Santo Essential Oil to your lotions, scrubs, and soaps. It’s antiseptic qualities can be great for your skin. Palo Santo will have your skin looking shiny and silky smooth. Try some of our Third Eye Wood Essential Oils or Hand and Bath Soaps for your skin.

8. It’s an Amazing Air Freshener


The most noticeable thing about Palo Santo is its scent. The piney, woodsy scent remains long after you’ve finished burning it. Our palo santo essential oil is a great alternative to chemical laden air fresheners that you may usually use in your home. It’s also an all-natural incense, without preservatives or chemicals like in many popular types of incense. Make sure to treat yourself and your space with only the highest quality incense that are sustainably sourced.

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