Palo Santo Sacred Wood Incense

THIRD EYE WOOD’s most popular products are our Peruvian Palo Santo Wood Incense and Smudge sticks. Translated from Spanish, Palo Santo is the “Wood of the Saints.” This holy, sacred wood incense has been used for centuries by indigenous people and has many physical and metaphysical benefits.

Cleansing rituals and cleansing prayers are accompanied by the burning of Palo Santo to smudge or energetically clear a space or oneself, of old, stagnant or negative energy. The chemical properties released from the essence of the Palo Santo when burned, oxygenate brain cells, invoking a sense of peace, uplifting and well-being.


THIRD EYE WOOD has some suggestions for getting the most of your Palo Santo experience. You can choose from several methods of lighting the stick, but a candle works best. Start by lighting the widest end of the Palo stick so you are getting the most of the stick as it burns down. Hold the stick slightly above or just at the tip of the flame. Submerging it into the flame will cause excessive burning. As the tip begins to catch fire, rotate the stick to collect an even flame around the tip. Hold the stick in a horizontal or upright position. Turning the burning stick flame down will cause more of the stick to light quickly and may cause accident or injury.

Notice when the flame is forming around the tip, the stick is giving off a black smoke. These are the surface oils dissipating. As the flame begins to deepen and the tip begins to glow, blow out the flame and the smoke will turn white. This beautiful transformation is where the sacred wood  essence is released.

Now your stick is ready for smudging. To activate the metaphysical properties, use the essence of the sacred wood incense (white smoke) to circle all around yourself, clearing the space above your crown chakra (head), all along the outside of your body, under your arms, the bottoms of your feet. If you have a favorite feather, use it to disperse the smoke by “brushing” the smoke around rooms, into corners, closets, under furniture or anywhere you want to shift the energy to something more positive. Imagine the sacred essence of Palo Santo incense entering into your Third Eye and activating the Pineal Gland with each refreshing breath. Clear and activate crystals to restore their original frequencies with THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo.

To activate the physical properties, simply let the essence emit into an open space for a pleasant and elevating , all natural aroma. Palo Santo can overcome unpleasant odors and replace them with it’s lovely scent. Place on a heat-safe surface when not holding the stick. Insects naturally avoid smoke and the terpenes released by the Palo so it is a useful–non-toxic, all-natural insect repellent too!

Palo Santo wood incense sticks are self-extinguishing. Re-light as desired.

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