Palo Santo Home & Body

THIRD EYE WOOD’s Palo Santo Home & Body line has all the uplifting benefits of Palo Santo and the many ways to incorporate this sacred wood essence into your everyday life. Look for future additions to our THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo Home & Body line coming soon!

TEW Palo Santo Room & Body Spritzer cleanses and clears your spaces when burning the Palo is not appropriate. Create a Palo Santo cleansing ritual around your workspace or in the classroom by holding the intention to have a joyful and productive day as you douse the area in a fine Palo Santo mist. Use on and around you when you need to release negative tension and feel uplifted. Spray it when you want to be reminded of your Divine purpose.  It makes a great traveling companion to clear your personal space in airplanes, buses and trains. Use in hotel rooms and other unfamiliar places to ground you and bring you a sense of well-being and balance.

Commercial soaps are fast becoming a thing of the past. People demand wholesome, “cleaner” products and what should be cleaner than what you put in or on your body? THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo Soaps are a scent-sational way to uplift your shower or bath experience. Blended of organic vegetable glycerin, jojoba and 100% pure essential oil of Palo Santo, each bar also contains it’s organic signature such as goat’s milk or (shea butter coming soon) affording you with a moisturizing and luxurious lather.  Our Palo Santo Soap with Molido infuses the finest rendering of the Palo Santo into each bar for a gentle exfoliating factor. All of our soaps are hand made in small batches and are mindfully blessed in the blending phase. Here is the Blessing: “I bring you LOVE, to wash away all the troubles in your life from yesterday. May today, be clear and bright. May you find yourself standing in the light.”

Try incorporating THIRD EYE WOOD ‘s Yoga Mat Cleaner as a practice partner–cleanse and clear your personal workout space after each session. Energetic residue as well as physical residue can be left behind after exercising and meditation practices and TEW Yoga Mat Cleaner covers both. The sacred wood essence infused into the cleaner with 100% essential oil of Palo Santo, clears the energetic residue and the natural disinfecting properties of Palo Santo, clean up the physical residue. The wholesome and organic castile base makes this a versatile, overall cleaner as well.

THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo Essential oil is 100% steam distilled from old growth Palo Santo trees– the richest and densest wood yields the best oil! Much of Peru is a desert, but along the coastal regions where the climate is wetter, Bursera Graveolens, the Palo Santo tree, thrives. The wood collected from these regions is by far the most resinous Palo Santo available. The lifeblood of the tree, its sap, running fluid through the live parts of the tree changes its chemical structure when the wood dies, becoming the resin. Some of the logs contain resin deposits so dense, the crystalline structures that have formed can be seen as veins in the wood when the log is split open! This is the wood from which our oil is derived. This is THIRD EYE WOOD’s quality  standard.



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