Palo Santo Tips

How to Make Palo Santo Tea

Palo Santo Tea   Many fans of palo santo don’t realize that it can be made into the perfect drink to relieve stress and anxiety. This holy wood is also known to be beneficial for your immune system and has been used to remedy colds, headaches, and inflammation. It’s perfect after a long day! Here …

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Five Great Places to Burn Palo Santo

Why Burn Palo Santo?   Palo Santo or “holy wood” is a sacred wood that comes from Palo Santo trees grown in Peru and other parts of South America. Burning Palo Santo is known to have a variety of benefits from energy healing to repelling insects. Delight in the woodsy smell and experience the many …

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Smudging with Palo Santo

What is Smudging?   Smudging is a ceremonial act that has been practiced for thousands of years in various forms by indigenous cultures all around the world. It refers to the act of using smoke from sacred plants to bring about various physical and/or metaphysical effects.   Palo santo, sage, lavender and sweetgrass are among …

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