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THIRD EYE WOOD is a family of creative and business-minded people who love to spark new ideas, innovate, educate, collaborate— whatever can widen our circles of thought, of friends, of community. We invite your participation!

Third Eye Wood's Mission

To invite every brother and sister of humanity to share in the uplifting and positive-pumping vibes of Palo Santo, by offering this beautiful plant medicine in a variety of ways, to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, to raise the vibration of ourselves and the planet to one that enhances, perpetuates and proliferates peace for all beings.

To always move forward with that initiative using only sustainably-sourced, community-building, regulated, Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) with the utmost regard for the longevity of the species and the people who rely on the resource for their livelihood.


A few years back, our eldest son, who was already running a business around metaphysics— rocks, gems, crystals, incense, tools of ritual and self-empowerment— saw a future for Palo Santo. Native American Sage has been used for centuries by indigenous people for ceremonies here in North America, so why not balance it with its South American counterpart—Palo Santo. Sage and Palo. The feminine and the masculine.

The timing seemed to be perfect. His brother, our second son, was living in Peru at the time and planning to return stateside. He was arranging for some cargo to be shipped back here anyway and “Would you mind picking up a sack of Palo Santo for me to sell in my store?” 

What came next was tricky.  In Peru, the practice of harvesting Palo Santo is regulated by the Peruvian government. Turned out to be not quite as simple as throwing a bag of Palo on board a ship. Frankly, the story has a lot of interim chapters that are more fitted for a full novel, so to make a long story short… after a plethora of documents and tours through areas of Peru not on the original agenda, there was finally success in landing a sack of Palo! … And 49 more! Yep! An imperial ton of Palo Santo now stacked in our garage with nothing more than a notion that “I think I can sell this in my store,” behind it.

So there they are! Sacks and sacks, filled with logs of Palo Santo making our garage smell better than our neighborhood spa! With the scent tapping me on the shoulder, reminding me there has been a significant investment made in that beautifully aromatic pile of arbor, it was time to make a move.

We, ( and by ‘we’ I mean our collective family efforts to forward this project) all knew that one store was not going to move 2000 pounds of Palo Santo any time soon. But we also knew that not so many people had heard of it yet, so we took a chance. We began to split the logs into burnable pieces. We decided on a few basic ways to package the wood. Our Peruvian traveling son designed the logo, we made labels, sourced protective packaging and hit the pavement! Now in our 5th year, we have grown our line of Palo Santo products to include soap, spritzers, essential oils, yoga mat cleaner, jewelry and the list keeps growing in our creative minds, taking us well into the future with new product ideas and ways to connect with our community of like-minded humans.

Scientifically speaking, Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo tree) contains the limonenes and terpenes necessary to chemically oxygenate and stimulate brain cells towards positive feelings and thinking.  At THIRD EYE WOOD, spreading Palo Santo is a project for Peace in the world. We encourage everyone to hold intentions for Peace each time you use your Palo Santo. Focus on “cleansing and clearing” negativity from your thoughts, your space and your world… and inviting, in their place, thoughts and feelings of harmony, love and Peace. Help to make this powerful circle grow until we encompass our Planet with Joy!  PEACE & PALO!

Find out more about what Palo Santo is, where it comes from and how it can benefit you.

Learn about our sustainability initiatives and how we take our Peruvian Palo Santo and make it into the products you love to enjoy.

Committed to Sustainability
palo santo wood incense

You may have seen articles claiming that palo santo is an endangered species. We take a hard look at the facts, shine a light on a common misunderstanding, and show you how you can enjoy palo santo sustainably.

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