Palo Santo: The Natural Insect Repellent

Making Insects Buzz Off for Generations


You may already know that Palo Santo wood has over a dozen different amazing benefits to our everyday lives. In fact, here is a list of 8 benefits from us! But one benefit that is often overlooked and definitely underrated – it’s a natural insect repellent! Mosquitos, flies, termites, ants, you name it… when Palo Santo is burning, they buzz away!

While you are outside enjoying the day, keeping some Palo Santo burning around you will completely keep the insects and bugs away. However, you don’t have to burn it to take advantage of its insect repelling properties… You can mix the oil with a little water to thin it out, then just rub it on your skin! An all natural and spiritually positive way to keep the insects off.

girl rubbing palo santo essential oil on her skin to repel insects
Our product is 100% natural and sustainably sourced

But how do we know this really works?

Give it a try yourself!

Purchase some T.E.W. Palo Santo Essential Oil, which you can also use for treating pain, anxiety, and many other purposes, and mix a few drops into a small cup of water. Mix the cup up, and gently pour it over your arms and legs. Rub it in, then head outside.

We believe this is really important for two reasons:

  1. Commercial bug repellents contain all kinds of mystery ingredients and poisonous additives that are bad for your health and the life around you, like your plants and pets.
  2. You can repel insects while also benefiting your mental health, immune system, and positive energy around you.

Stick to Palo Santo sticks and oils for keeping insects, pests and bugs away (the natural way)!

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