Origins of Our Palo Santo Wood

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From Peru, to You

Preserving the sacred plant through our commitment to sustainability

We treat our Palo Santo with reverence and gratitude during every step of the process. We believe this keeps the spirit of the tree pure, resulting in a more effective product. 

THIRD EYE WOOD’s Palo Santo is imported from the the Piura and Cajamarca provinces in the northern part of Peru. Here, Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is protected by the Peruvian government, specifically, the Ministry of Agriculture. The environmental protections ensure that Peruvian farmers can make a living from Palo Santo without ever harming the plant. Only the collection of dead/fallen wood is allowed and the live trees may never be cut.

After Palo Santo trees have fulfilled their natural life cycles, they are collected, cut and stored to dry and cure for a period of 3-5 years. This crucial step allows a chemical transformation to take place in the sap. Once fluid in the living tree, the resin begins to crystallize and form deposits giving the Palo Santo its prized grains of orange and gold. Within these rich resin deposits, the sacred essence of the Palo is the deepest.

All of our Peruvian partners, as part of their “extraction proposal” to the community, promise to plant new Palo Santo trees ensuring the duration of the species.

THIRD EYE WOOD & Our Peruvian Partners

It happens all the time...

Large corporations move into small, rural areas, buy out or take over land from the indigenous people with the promise of making life better for them. Often times that translates into endless work hours for merely dollars a day for the native worker. Plenty of times, it also means environmental devastation and cultural ruin. Those practices just don’t jive with us. There is a collective oneness on the planet whether we acknowledge or deny it. What happens over there, happens over here. It’s the butterfly effect, right? Read: Is Palo Santo Endangered?

At Third Eye Wood, we have a serious regard for our Peruvian partners. We have a vested interest in helping them sustain a viable living for themselves and future generations, from their own country’s natural resource. We work with native families in small villages who make a better living from partnering with us. We have extended our reach beyond the incense sticks to offer them more opportunities to grow their businesses as we grow ours. We allow them to make the connections for sourcing material so they can involve more artisans and crafters in their own villages who can benefit as well. It is a growing community of local, native people bettering their livelihood through partnering together. We love this! Don’t you? So, while Third Eye Wood has a national reach, when you buy from us you really are buying local!

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How We Create Our Products

We offer a line of Palo Santo products made from the finest and densest wood we can acquire, rich in resin and fragrance at affordable prices. Products we make from or with Palo Santo are hand-tooled and crafted in the United States. From jewelry, to essential oil, to molido, we’ve created new ways for everyone to enjoy this sacred plant.

Our Third Eye Wood containers are resealable to maintain the integrity of the Palo Santo essence. Please use this Palo Santo with good intentions and blessings for our world. Please purchase responsibly and support only the reverent and sustainable collection of Palo Santo. 


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