Building a Sacred Space

Building a Sacred Space

Earth is full of wonderfully, sacred places. From the most well-known; Machu Picchu, Mecca, the Giza Plateau and Stonehenge to the more obscure, such as the vortices of Sedona and the ley lines along the vast quartz deposits in Arkansas. Many would say that all of Nature, in her majesty, is sacred, and they are correct. The sacred spaces around us are gifted to us by the ancients and the great Pachamama, herself.

A sacred place can also be a state of mind we achieve when we are balanced and aligned with the highest version of ourselves. This is especially challenging to achieve in a world focused on negative and fear-inducing influences.

Imagine a place where you are grounded, where you shut out the world and are with yourself. A place that feels safe and sacred— where your prayers and meditations seem to open the portals of higher consciousness.  A place where you simply breathe deeply, remove the outside influences and hear the inner voice longing to guide you to that higher expression of yourself. A sacred space, specific to you.

Creating your own sacred spot doesn’t take much room. It’s more about the energy you hold, create and receive while you are in your space. There are common tools for attracting higher, positive energy, opening the Third Eye and connecting with the Divine. These include altars, candles, crystals, Palo Santo, sage, elements of Nature and sacred symbols.

Building your Sacred Space can be fun, easy and done from anywhere!

To start, consider an altar. An altar is more about what is on it than what it’s made of, so if you need to turn over a milk crate or box—go for it! Whatever you choose, be sure to smudge it first. (see below) Cover it with a fabric that appeals to you. If you have crystals such as selenite or quartz, the altar is a great place to incorporate them into your everyday life. Elements of Nature are also beautiful additions… pinecones, feathers, shells and the like. It is a work in progress. The more time you spend in the sacred place you are creating, the more you will intuitively know what to add.

Clearing or Smudging the space each time before using it, is a critical factor. Smoke from burning plants and incense has been used for millennia in ritual practices since the beginning of time, from the indigenous tribes spread throughout the world, to the churches, temples and mosques of our current era. Traditionally, here in the West… it’s our North American sister, Sage, and our South American brother, Palo Santo, that are the tools of choice. Each of these removes negativity and brings in the higher vibration of positivity thus clearing the way for better connectivity with the self and the Divine downloads that may be coming your way.

Get started. You will be pleased at how natural and exciting it feels to create it.  In future posts we will talk about another element of sacred spaces— rituals.

See our Third Eye Wood Palo Altar, Cleansing Trio— Selenite crystal, Palo Santo stick and Sage bundle!  Peace & Palo!  

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