Palo Altar

THIRD EYE WOOD’s Palo Altar collection is a new and growing addition to our signature Palo Santo products. The products offered here are intended to complement and enhance your sacred space and sacred purpose. These are tools for ritual, prayer and meditation. Palo, Sage and Selenite can facilitate the opening of the pineal gland, or THIRD EYE, which is necessary for enlightenment.  They also cleanse and clear negativity when preparing your sacred space for your practice. Palo Santo releases terpenes to oxygenate brain cells creating feelings of positivity and balance.

Find out more about what Palo Santo is, where it comes from and how it can benefit you.

Learn about our sustainability initiatives and how we take our Peruvian Palo Santo and make it into the products you love to enjoy.

Palo Santo Benefits

Cultures have been experiencing the benefits of palo for thousands of years – here’s why.
pleasant scent symbol

pleasant aroma

If you are not familiar with the smell, it's time for your order!

clears odors symbol

clears offensive or lingering odors

Freshen the air, breathe pureness, stay happy

repels insects symbol

insect repellant

Palo santo is an all-natural, effective bug repellant

aromatherapy symbol

used for aromatherapy

Helps mental and physical well-being, and alleviates nausea and other symptoms

clears bad energy symbol

Clears bad energy

Used for centuries by indigenous people in smudging rituals to alleviate negative energies

meditation symbol

facilitates meditation

Your aromatic mantra for entering your meditative state

third-eye (1)

raises vibration and spritual awareness

Awaken your spiritual energy and raise your vibrations for your personal development

offers protection symbol

offers protection

Keep the good energy in and the bad energy out.

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