How to Make Palo Santo Tea

Palo Santo Tea

Do you know Palo Santo can be made into a tea?  Indigenous people use the holy wood for tea to bolster the immune system and to remedy colds, headaches, and inflammation. It’s a perfect winter tonic to enhance your own natural defenses.  Try this simple recipe and experience the magic for yourself. Feel free to add other immune building ingredients such as ginger or golden seal.



  1.  Use a sharp knife to carefully shave about 1 tsp. of wood from a stick of THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo. Use more shavings for stronger tea but we recommend trying this ratio to start.  
  2. Put the shavings and other desired “tea” ingredients into a tea strainer. (You can add other teas like green, or chamomile.)
  3. Place strainer in a cup of steaming hot water and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Remove strainer and if desired, add honey* to sweeten. (Palo tea can be a little bitter)
  5. Sit, relax and heal with a nice cup of homemade Palo Santo tea.
* We always urge our customers to source from local growers!  Peace & Palo!
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