Five Great Places to Burn Palo Santo

Why Burn Palo Santo?

Palo Santo, known as “wood of the saints” is a sacred wood originating from Bursera graveolens, a species of tree native to Peru and other parts of South America. Burning Palo Santo is known to have a variety of benefits from energy healing to repelling insects. Delight in the beautiful aroma and uplifting experience.  Try these top 5 favorite places to burn THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo!

1. At Home

Burning THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo in your home will permeate your haven with it’s amazing fragrance and positive vibes. Used with intention as a smudge stick to clear unwanted negativity, you can intensify the positive vibration at home to make your environment feel like a place where it is easy  to relax and shake off the stress of the day.  Add some crystals for a more effective cleansing process!

2. Concerts

Burning THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo is a great way to ramp up the vibe all around you! Light a stick and watch as one by one, people start looking for the amazing smell they want to know about. It’s especially good in places where large crowds carry all kinds of kinetic vibes and you want to stay grounded. It also helps to neutralize other unwanted odors.

3. Hikes

Connecting with the smoke from a burning stick of THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the total outdoor experience. The rush of positivity created by the terpenes from the Palo and the visual beauty around you, makes you feel like Pachamama has totally embraced your presence wherever you are on this great planet!  Aside from the uplifting, Palo is also an effective insect repellent. Be sure to keep a stick in your backpack in case flies and mosquitoes start bugging you!

4. Festivals

Festivals are a great coming together of like-minded people who want to forget routine life for a weekend. It’s a perfect place to bring the love, share the love and get the love. For at least the weekend, we are a collective, a common consciousness, flowing in the ease of the brotherhood and sisterhood surrounding us! Bring THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo to your favorite festivals to enhance the vibration of peace and brotherhood among all who gather. Ask others to gather with you for a moment of intention and use the sacred wood to heighten and expand the goal for peace on the planet. Bring extra and share it! 

party at a music festival

5. Beach

Whether it’s a day full of activities or a quiet meditation, THIRD EYE WOOD Palo Santo is an excellent beach day essential. Useful as an insect repellent for annoying mosquitoes and flies, or a quick connect that sends you right into your meditative state, it’s beautiful and uplifting aroma will keep you delighted all the while. 

              Remember to be mindful of people with allergies or sensitivities to smoke! 

            And ALWAYS use caution when lighting or burning so as to prevent wildfires!

     Where is your favorite place to burn Palo Santo? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!   

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