Five Great Places to Burn Palo Santo

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Why Burn Palo Santo?


Palo Santo or “holy wood” is a sacred wood that comes from Palo Santo trees grown in Peru and other parts of South America. Burning Palo Santo is known to have a variety of benefits from energy healing to repelling insects. Delight in the woodsy smell and experience the many healing properties that Palo Santo has to offer by burning it in these five places:


1. Home


Burn Palo Santo wood in your home as a form of Aromatherapy and relish in its all-around rustic scent. You can use it to do some spiritual cleansing and clear out any unwanted negative energy as well as purify the space with positivity for the present and future. Add some crystals for a more effective cleansing process!

2. Concerts


Palo Santo is great to use at concerts to enhance focus! Spend your time living in the present moment with some help from the Peruvian incense. The newly brought attentiveness will allow you to concentrate more on the music while feeling positively content. Light some Palo Santo for you and the audience to enjoy while listening to your favorite live tunes.

3. Hikes


The smoke from the Palo Santo wood has purifying effects that are known to create a calming atmosphere. It can be used to bring you peace while practicing any type of meditation. Immerse yourself in the outdoors with Palo Santo to receive a new level of clarity while being surrounded by the tranquility of nature. Plus it can help keep mosquitoes away too!

4. Festivals


Bring Palo Santo to a festival to enhance creativity and happiness! Use it to restore your environment and support your immune system so you can keep a high energy and positive vibe throughout the entire day. Since festivals are commonly held outside, it can always be useful to repel insects! Share the love and good vibes with your fellow festival-goers by burning some Palo Santo!

party at a music festival

5. Beach


Palo Santo is an excellent beach day essential that can help reduce any anxiety or stress for an experience of ultimate relaxation! Burning Palo Santo wood can bring you feelings of joy for a carefree day by the ocean. Play in the sand, read a book and feel the warmth of the sun while the earthy scent of Palo Santo keeps you refreshed.

Remember to be mindful of people with allergies or sensitivities to smoke!

Where is your favorite place to burn Palo Santo? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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