How to Tell if Palo Santo is Real

OK… So it’s time to call out the “dirty deed doers.”

Not all Palo Santo is sourced nor delivered ethically, so it’s up to us—the Palo lover and user— to make sure we are choosing Palo Santo that has been collected, prepared and delivered with integrity.

Here’s the head’s up… Palo Santo is not blonde and bland. Period. I have been working with Peruvian Palo logs and wood for 5 years and NEVER have I come across a piece that lacked rich colors and grains and fragrance. This is ‘old growth’ Palo Santo. The tree continues to live and stand and grow old as it donates branches and logs along the way. This is the densest, most resinous Palo Santo on the planet. This is Third Eye Wood Palo Santo and THIS is what Palo should be.

When people experience TEW Palo Santo, they are blown away. I watch repeatedly, as people close their eyes and breathe in the delicious aroma, followed by the statement, “Oh my God, that smells amazing… I have never smelled Palo Santo like that before.”  Then I think to myself, “Why? Where are you getting your Palo?”  So, I poked around and found out some things like companies clear-cutting Palo forests and then, the crowning disappointment—bastardizers! 

Peaceful Palo people, this bit is especially troublesome because I am wondering how many people have the wrong impression of Palo now. A very popular presentation of Palo Santo in stores is the small cellophane bag with 3-4 pieces of white sticks in them. Please be wary to purchase these for this reason: Unethical business owners getting on the Palo band wagon are ‘double dipping.’  How?  They are using the wood sticks to extract the essential oil (product 1) and then they are selling you the “empty” sticks (product 2) which lack the oil, thereby, essentially robbing the sticks of their Palo essence. Sticks that are sold with the oil taken out are blond and bland.

This means you can buy cheaper Palo, but now you know why! If you want to be sure you are getting the best representation of sustainable and ethically delivered Palo Santo, please choose Third Eye Wood. Our standards for quality are the highest. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering and we promise to deliver to you products and practices with integrity every time. Peace & Palo!

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