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What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is a sacred tree and grows in select parts of South America. Translated from Spanish, Palo Santo means Wood of the Saints or Sacred Wood. It has been used for many centuries by shamans in ritual prayer, ceremonies and healing. Like its close botanical cousins, Frankincense and Myrrh, it is rich in brain-oxygenating terpenes such as limonene and a-terpineol which give the Palo its uplifting and positive qualities.

The Palo Santo Tree

Only the fallen trees and branches can be collected and must be allowed to dry and cure for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Third Eye Wood’s Palo Santo is imported from Peru where the collection of Palo Santo wood is a practice regulated by the Peruvian government, like the government worker in this picture ensuring sustainable harvest. The collection method respects the sacredness of the wood and allows for the continued life of the tree. Live trees are never cut. Only the fallen trees and branches can be collected and must be allowed to dry and cure for a period of 3-5 years. During this time, a chemical transformation takes place and the sap, once fluid in the living tree, begins to crystallize and form deposits giving the Palo Santo its prized grains of orange and gold. Within these rich resin deposits, the essence of the Palo is the deepest.

Sacred Peruvian Wood

The method of collection respects the sacredness of the wood and the tree.

The Third Eye Wood team is committed to the sustainable collection of Palo Santo. Our wood has been gathered in accordance with Peruvian government regulations. We offer a line of products made from the finest and densest wood we can acquire, rich in resin and fragrance at affordable prices. The products we make from or with Palo Santo are hand-tooled and crafted in the United States. Our containers are resealable to maintain the integrity of the Palo Santo essence. Please use this Palo Santo with good intentions and blessings for our world. Please purchase responsibly and support only the reverent and sustainable collection of Palo Santo.

The benefits of palo

Palo Santo is proven to have both physical and metaphysical healing properties.
pleasant scent symbol

Offers pleAsant scent

If you are not familiar with the smell, it's time for your order!

clears odors symbol

clears offensive or lingering odors

Freshen the air, breathe pureness, stay happy

repels insects symbol

Repels unwanted insects/pests

The all-natural insect repellent that keeps the bugs away without poison!

aromatherapy symbol

used for aromatherapy

Helps mental and physical well-being, and alleviates nausea and other symptoms

clears bad energy symbol

Clears bad energy

Used for centuries by indigenous people in smudging rituals to alleviate negative energies

meditation symbol

facilitates meditation

Your aromatic mantra for entering your meditative state

third-eye (1)

raises vibration and spritual awareness

Awaken your spiritual energy and raise your vibrations for your personal development

offers protection symbol

offers protection

Keep the good energy in and the bad energy out.


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