Clay Incense Holder

Crafted from clay and hand-painted by Peruvian artisans, our Third Eye Wood clay incense holder is a beautiful accent to any room. Assorted designs.


Our Peruvian partners provide us with these locally made and hand painted clay dishes. Imported from Peru, each clay incense holder is painted with various local designs and symbols so no two are exactly alike. Each shipment we receive surprises us with new designs different from the last. 

We don’t force the art by asking for certain specific designs… we accept what the artists want to offer us. Because the selection varies so greatly, when ordering the clay burners, the designs are house-selected. Each burner is 5” across with a 1” raised center. We selected this type of clay incense holder because it is suitable for our palo santo incense sticks as well as our incense pyramids.

Our Peruvian partners who share our vested inter in protecting the sustainability of their country’s natural resources and the livelihoods of the indigenous people.

Weight0.5 lbs

Tribal, Island, Ritual


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