Palo Santo Home & Body Products

THIRD EYE WOOD’s signature line of home and body products bring you the beautiful, uplifting essence of Palo Santo without having to burn it! Palo Santo essential oil has many wonderful, healing benefits and our products are infused with it!  All of our ingredients are organic, wholesome and gentle for your face and body, sustainable and locally sourced whenever possible.

  • palo santo soap infused by third eye wood
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    Palo Santo Home & Body

    Palo Santo Soap


    Our premium palo santo soap is crafted in-house in small batches with organic and wholesome ingredients like pure goat’s milk, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin and pure essential oil of palo santo.

  • palo santo cleaning spray for yoga mats and exercise mats
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    Palo Santo Home & Body

    Palo Santo Yoga & Exercise Mat Cleaner


    When you are up close and personal with your exercise mat, the last thing you want is the residue from toxic cleaners meeting up with your skin and lungs. Third Eye Wood’s Yoga & Exercise Mat Cleaner is wholesome and safe for body, mind and Spirit and harmonizes with the overall “cleansing” nature of Palo Santo achieved by burning the incense.

  • palo santo essential oil from third eye wood
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    Palo Santo Home & Body

    Palo Santo Essential Oil


    Third Eye Wood’s Palo Santo essential oil is extracted by steam distillation without additives or emulsifiers. This Palo Santo oil has therapeutic grade properties. Botanical cousin to Frankincense and Myrrh, the oil resonates at a very high frequency and contains concentrations of brain-oxygenating terpenes such as a-terpineol and D-limonene.

Find out more about what Palo Santo is, where it comes from and how it can benefit you.

We take sustainability seriously. From Peru to you, learn how we preserve and celebrate this sacred tree.

8 benefits of palo santo wood

Count ’em up. Here are 8 wonderful ways palo santo can benefit your life.
pleasant scent symbol

pleasant aroma

If you are not familiar with the smell, it's time for your order!

clears odors symbol

clears offensive or lingering odors

Freshen the air, breathe pureness, stay happy

repels insects symbol

natural insect repellant

Effective and shoo'ing away bugs without using dangerous chemicals

aromatherapy symbol


Helps mental and physical well-being, and alleviates nausea and other symptoms

clears bad energy symbol

cleanses negative energy

Used for centuries by indigenous people in smudging rituals to alleviate negative energies

meditation symbol

facilitates meditation

Your aromatic mantra for entering your meditative state

third-eye (1)

raises vibration and spritual awareness

Awaken your spiritual energy and raise your vibrations for your personal development

offers protection symbol

offers protection

Keep the good energy in and the bad energy out.

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