Stringed Palo Santo Chakana Necklace

Channel the uplifting spirit of palo santo with our stringed chakana necklace. Incan shamans believed that the center of the chakana (or Incan Cross) connected them with the spiritual realm.


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All of Third Eye Wood’s necklaces and bracelets are handmade in Peru using 100%sustainably harvested palo santo (Bursera Graveolens). Our premium, aged palo wood is dense and rich in aromatic resin. Since branches are only collected from the ground from naturally fallen palo santo trees, no plants were harmed. We also allow our sacred wood to age for five years resulting in a premium-quality product.

Benefits of Wearing Palo Santo Jewelry

  • Clears negative energy, wherever you go
  • Rich in calming, brain-oxygenating terpenes
  • Pleasant aroma
  • All-natural insect repellant
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