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Third Eye Wood's Molido is the finest rendering of Palo Santo. This pulverized wood can be burned as incense for a highly concentrated diffusion of "vibration-raising" properties. Similar in composition to its botanical cousins, Frankincense and Myrrh, it is well-revered for its assistance with deep meditation and Divine benedictions. Molido can also be added to homemade soaps and scrubs for its unique exfoliating properties. To use as an incense, place a pinch of the Palo Santo Molido on the screen of a charcoal incense burner above the burning coal. A high concentration of the essence will immediately be diffused and permeate the space with positivity. Traditionally in Peru, Palo Santo Molido is also decocted for use as a tea when cold and flu symptoms are present, however, our U.S. FDA has not evaluated or approved Palo Santo for this use.


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